Fall 2014 | University of Texas at Austin
Instructor: Igor Siddiqui

A structural system was developed based on a digital parametric process, creating infinite variations, or prototypes, of an object. The object is one of many, created by a system of variable density that erodes and forms within a boundary based upon random point generation. The digital method is then translated directly into a physical process, using identical strategies. The end product is an inert model of this system, freezing the prototype in place.

The physical product uses a critical mass of inexpensive, biodegradable materials to create something greater than each individual part.
Twine, ping pong balls, and recycled wood serve as the project’s armature.
The configuration, once tensile, is frozen in place by a recycled paper pulp, provided by shredded confidential documents. The nature of these documents creates an unpredictable and unique color for each product.