Fall 2015 | University of Texas at Austin
In conjunction with the City of Leander, TX
Partner: William McCommon | Instructor: Matt Fajkus

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Funding provided by UTSOA Materials Lab Grant

Currently, the City of Leander hosts one of the most problematic urban conditions found in US cities, a high speed, high traffic corridor dividing its heart in two. With a rapidly expanding population, Leander is seeking a model for smart growth that takes alternative forms of transportation into consideration.

In bridging our transition from vehicular to alternate modes of transit, pedestrians require a scale of support to compete against the scale of the highway. Elevating the pedestrian humanizes the once marginalized identity of the individual amidst an inhospitable landscape.

A modular steel structure provides shading, lighting, signage, shelter, etc. in a variety of configurations. These systems work together in creating a pedestrian surface across the highway and rail.